Installation for applying GRAPHTECH DECALS:

Before You Start

Tools needed: Glass cleaner, denatured alcohol, and scissors.
Optional tools: Exacto blade, masking tape.
  1. Thoroughly clean surface where decal will be applied to ensure no dirt or particles are present
  2. Remove decal from plastic wrap.
  3. Minimum surface temperature for application is 40+ degrees Fahrenheit. (65 - 80 degrees recommended).
  1. Cut away about ½’ from top portion of WAX BACKING PAPER from decal. Do not cut top transfer tape (milky white sticky paper) this is used for holding the decal in place and will be removed after decal is in position and transferred. *** IF TOP STICKY PAPER GETS ACCIDENTALLY CUT OFF YOU MAY USE MASKING TAPE TO HOLD DECAL IN PLACE*** (click for illustration)
  2. Place decal/logo in proper position on surface area. (It is now ready for application).
  3. Use the plastic squeegee to apply the decal. Drag the squeegee across the hinge of the decal (this is the area you cut away, or the masking tape) to ensure it won’t move during application (click for illustration). Flip decal over (180 degrees) (click for illustration), remove wax backing paper, while still holding decal in one hand and the squeegee in the other hand, gently flip decal back over while still holding the decal ***don’t let it touch the surface*** hold it as close to the surface as possible, without touching the surface; Use squeegee and apply pressure to decal. Squeegee should always be held at a 30/45 degree angle - pull squeegee across decal never push - use overlapping strokes (click for illustration). Now decal is permanently in position. Remove front cover paper (transfer paper), pulling it off as close to the surface as possible (10 degree angle) never straight up (90 degree). (click for illustration) If decal has a bubble this can be removed by using the tip of a needle or an exacto blade. ***BLADE MUST BE NEW, NO BROKEN TIPS*** gently puncture a small hole in the vinyl and push the air out towards the hole with your finger, or corner of squeegee.
  4. Congratulations! Installation is complete.
  5. Best adhesion will occur in 24 - 72 hours. So if you made a mistake, remove decal now and glue residue will be minimal. (see decal removal)

Tools needed: Hair dryer, Glass cleaner, Goo Gone, or Denatured Alcohol.

If decal / logo needs to be removed. We recommend a blow dryer not a heat gun. Dryers should be placed on low. When surface and vinyl get warm use your finger nail to lift corner of the decal and keep pulling straight up (90 degrees). Decal will be very elastic and stretch, this makes for quick removal. If you don’t warm up the surface, decal will rip and it will take twice as long to remove. Once decal is removed glue residue is bound to be present. Use GOO GONE, or DENATURED ALCOHOL to remove glue residue from surface. Now use a window/glass cleaner to remove any solvents or excessive glue. Surface is now clean


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